Mind In Motion: The writing of Claire Goverts  

Hello and welcome to my webpage. While the design is finished I'm still in process of getting more content online. I do have my novels in progress listed, with basic information, and the start of a links section. I still need to put together a bio for the about me section, along with some more links. I'd like to have the links section be functional for other writers, as well as other readers.

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11/29/09 - Updated the writing page
07/03/09 - Updated the index page, the works in progress, and links.
11/23/08 - Updated the status of Magical Fantasy to Be on the writing page.
8/13/08 - Added a blurb about my fantasy idea to the writing page.
6/6/08 - Transfered files to new Host
4/27/08 - Started adding links to the links page.
4/13/08 - Got the writing page put together with some bare bones information on my novels.