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I'm primarily a novel writer, so this page will focus on my various novels. At some point I may have my poetry and short stories listed, but I'm not sure yet. This is more of a summary page of my novels, as I work on the site more each novel will have its own page with more information.

Some of the descriptions might seem a little boring. It's hard to write too much about novels that are being planned, or still in the first draft stage. When I write my first drafts I still leave things fairly open for character development which in turn drives the plot. So I'll do what I can for now with the descriptions. Also to, I'll update them, this section is a work in progress as I work on my novels more.

Also, the 2 year novel novel is for a class over at Forward Motion for Writers. Lazette Gifford teaches the course for free, and it runs for 2 years.

2 year novel 2009-10 |LJ| (Writing first draft)
Federated Planetary year 309, our intrepid heroine finds herself on a distant hostile planetoid keeping the mining machinery running. A few malfunctions she can chalk up to machine wear, but when things start breaking more frequently and not on their own she canít ignore that someone is determined to stop the machines from running. In the confines of the platform, can she find the saboteur before itís to late?

This is the same general universe as the Asa SF novel and Networking, though it is a stand alone, not part of a series.

Magical Fantasy to Be |LJ| (First draft is finished - more world building)
In a land where women are forbidden to use magic, one woman can't keep herself from wondering about the subject. What must it be like to cast spells? Stuck in a job chosen by her family can she find a way to pursue something that interests her?

Yes, I got an idea for a fantasy novel a few months back and it's been growing as more ideas about the world and the characters pop up. So far I've sketched out a few maps, have a general idea on the conflicts, and also the story arc. The main character is growing as all these ideas keep coming together and I'm getting really excited about this novel. Heck, I may make up a language or two for this.

Alternative Romance |LJ| (Revising the first draft)
I wrote the first draft for this early in 2007 (February-May). It started with an idea of writing a romantic story from a man's point of view. For the second draft I decided that the story would be stronger with two point of view characters, and currently I'm fleshing both Jake and Kate out more.

The novel starts out with Jake being encouraged to take a vacation as he's having trouble getting over a bad relationship. He chooses a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains as his vacation spot, planning on some peace and quiet. But along comes Kate, who ends up in the cabin next door and is more friendly then Jake can deal with.

"Networking" |LJ| (Planning)
This one started out as a present day novel, with psychological thriller in mind. Then after I got to thinking I realized this would be interesting to do in a futuristic world. Nadia is a network security specialist, and for the course of the novel she's in the midst of trying to stop a hacker that's threatening her network. The network she supports is for some yet undetermined governmental body that keeps track of citizens' identities. This is the same general universe as the Asa SF novel, though it is a stand alone, not part of a series.

"Asa SF" (Planning)
This one started out with a vague idea of having a female space pirate as a main character. From there I developed the character some more, and have been working on defining her world some more along with the characters in it. The novel will follow Asa's travels throughout the various planets and her schemes. I also have a law enforcement character in mind who's tracking her down.

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